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Inspired by Anton Chekhov's "Three Sisters", "Olivia Martha Ilse" takes place in Mississippi during the Great Depression and pre-WWII frenzy of the 1930s. We follow three orphaned sisters who are provided for by their unseasoned older brother, Andrew. Olivia, still unmarried and almost matronly, is the strongest. Martha, more frivolous, is having an affair with Vandevener. And Ilse, naively follows her older sisters. Together they oversee a large household where they regard their servant staff as family, especially Eloise, their nanny and keeper of the house. The sisters long to go to Jackson where they believe they will fulfill their aspirations. Andrew brings Nora, an outsider, to Ilse's party and proposes to her. All the while, Nora is passionately involved with Andrew's partner, William Bailey. Andrew marries Nora and nine months later, she gives birth to Bobby. In dominating fashion, Nora takes over the household, while Andrew spirals into a pit of alcohol and gambling, disgraced by Nora's flaunted infidelity with "Price Montgomery", aka William Bailey. Andrew is finally driven to suicide. After the funeral Nora orders Eloise to tend to Bobby in a racially divisive manner and Olivia emphatically objects to Nora's slur. Nora retorts, telling them that she has inherited everything and the sisters find themselves dispossessed with nothing more than their elusive dreams.


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